Hello. I’m Chrissy. Writer, teacher, coffee addict and, most recently, “Zoom” enthusiast. 2021 is hardcore, so grab yourself a cuppa, and have a browse.

Chrissy Kett is a writer and experienced teacher at The Kett School of Speech and Drama, where she has been working with 4 to 19-year-olds for over fourteen years. She also enjoys delivering “Bringing Books to Life” dance workshops, for West End In Schools

Chrissy’s background is in musical theatre, having trained at The Italia Conti Academy of Performing Arts; she has performed in London venues such as Sadler’s Wells and The New Wimbledon Theatre, and has toured the UK extensively. 

After many years in the theatre, she decided she no longer wanted to be a talking prop, and that it was time she wrote some material of her own. 

She now writes fiction and verse, for both adults and children, with a particular focus on the YA genre. She was thrilled when her verse Centennial Christmas won The Sloane Square Choral Society Carol Competition.  

She has recently finished writing Conflict, a YA novel and the first of a trilogy, which questions our decisive and binary society. 

When she’s not teaching she can be found in coffee shops writing and sipping a latté; indeed, she can only write anything worth reading with excessive levels of caffeine.


Competition Winner

Take a look at Chrissy’s verse “Centennial Christmas” which won the Sloane Square Choral Society Competition.

Poem of the Month
Short Story of the Month

“Mrs Jones” is inspired by the following writing prompt from The Book Collector: ‘A fantasy banquet featuring your favourite literary characters’. Mrs Jones is in for a nasty shock when her heroines of fantasy give her a sharp dose of reality.

Writer’s Fact

“My MacBook Air is named “Mabel” (Musical Theatre reference). I’ve spent so much time with her, especially over this last year, she deserves a name. Life’s better with personification…”

“We are not nouns, we are verbs. I am not a thing – an actor, a writer – I am a person who does things – I write, I act – and I never know what I’m going to do next. I think you can be imprisoned if you think of yourself as a noun.” 

Stephen Fry