Poem of the Month


How grey the clouds seem,
trudging by
in a seemingly forlorn and solitary way. 
covering all light, 
as they loom over us, 
draining all energy with eager melancholy. 
How unfathomable to comprehend 
that the sun is still shining behind, 
indeed, that light itself, still even exists. 
How unhelpful to know that light remains,
when it makes no appearance. 
When it refuses to change 
the darkening gloom of the skies. 
Patience, it would seem, is not merely a virtue, 
it is a faith, 
the hope to believe 
in something brighter. 
If there was no faith, 
patience would become obsolete and futile, 
awaiting absolutely nothing. 
Though if the sun, is indeed deceptive, 
if the depth of the clouds 
is nothing more than cunning disguise, 
it would seem that we must take a breath 
and adopt 
the faith
of patience. 
© Chrissy Kett 2016
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