“Spotlight” Collection

“Spotlight Clarity”

A simple lamp
with bright light,
yet we crave the clarity of the spotlight.
It brings perfect illumination. 
Perfect clarity 
and yet aids us with the perfect deception.
It helps us create the lie.
The full personification of another, 
any other but ourselves. 
The spotlight highlights all our hopes and dreams.
The perfect juxtaposition, 
bringing perfect light,
and yet, in so doing, it helps us to hide in the shadows.
We are seen perfectly, 
yet lost completely, 
and this is why we love it.
By shining upon us, 
it allows us to disappear.
We crave the spotlight
like a patient craves medicine.
It seems we need it for survival, 
as though survival itself depends 
on those moments of pure escapism. 
Showing, yet hiding, at exactly the same time.
I wonder how differently we would feel 
if we ourselves were in the spotlight?
Highlighted, examined, standing under a glaring torch. 
Exposed as a floundering animal. 
Lost and helpless. 
Yet, once in the makeup of another,  
the spotlight is pure friend.

© Chrissy Kett 2016

“Sing your Soul”

and keep singing.
don’t sing notes,
don’t sing lyrics,
don’t sing songs.
The greatest singers 
don’t sing from the page, 
they sing from the heart,
they sing from the soul,
they sing the emotional truth
which could never be simply spoken. 
They sing the notes, 
which resonate with emotion,
that can only escape through song. 
That’s singing…
To lay your soul bare for all to see,
for all to hear,
for all to feel.
The true singer
has the ability
to show
the most intense, 
the most beautiful

© Chrissy Kett 2017

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