“Let’s Celebrate”

“Olympic Inspiration

Inspired by the 2012 London Olympics

We’ve just seen the Olympics and we were most impressed,
and having it in London town was the very best.
The athletes were amazing and very strong and fit.
It made us want to go and buy our very own sports kit.
First, there was the football where the players kicked the ball.
Then, there were the swimmers, swimming in the pool.
Watching the gymnastics made us all-a-quiver.
We won a lot of medals from the rowers on the river.
We got to see the divers too, falling from on high.
We also saw the javelins flying through the sky.
It was great to see the tennis, and Murray made us proud.
Watching all the runners race made us cheer so loud.
When they did the long jump they landed in the sand.
It must be said, the stadium looked so very grand.
When we saw the fencing we looked at all the swords.
When they did the shooting they held the games at Lords.
There were many special moments like watching Mo compete,
and it was great when Jess won the best all-round athlete.
But the one hundred metres, was the race that had to be seen,
and if you didn’t see it, just where have you been?
He ran so fast he caused a jolt.
You guessed it… he’s a lightning... BOLT!
But the best moment, we’ve saved 'till last. 
The moment that made us all aghast.
Our dear old Queen, of whom we’re all so fond,
jumped from the chopper with James Bond.
© 2012 Chrissy Kett 
Performed at The Shenley Festival 2013

Birthday Gifts
Birthdays mark when we were born, 
the day that celebrates US!
Birthdays come just once a year
and we really like the fuss.
We adore the cards and all the gifts.
We adore the birthday song.  
We love a party with fun games
so our friends can play along!
The balloons are fun to blow up big. 
Their gas makes our voice go high. 
We spend the day with our good mates. 
At the end it’s sad to say goodbye. 
Birthday fun is great, it’s true, 
but we must not forget just why.
We must remember what they mean, 
so promise me you’ll try! 
"But what do they mean?" 
I hear you question.
"If they’re not about the treats?" 
So here is my suggestion…
I think birthdays are so very special
because they celebrate just you.
They know you’re unique in every way
and everything you do. 
So remember on your next birthday, 
no one else is you. 
You have your special gifts inside,
and to them you must be true. 
© Chrissy Kett 2017 
Performed at The Radlett Festival 2017

“Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale.”

Hans Christian Andersen

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